Ryan is a one-man musical force, bringing the gumption and groove required to hold the stage and audience in a way that would otherwise require an entire band.”

— Jason Vargo:

"Ryan Biter takes his audience on a wonderful journey of passages, twists, and turns. He can rock the house and hold us spellbound with a delicate ballad. His music is powerful and masterful. His guitar work is lush and multi-layered. His vocal interpretations of his original songs are dynamic and sensual. His songs are personal with themes that resonate with our own experiences of love, loss, and the path to wisdom." ” - Joe Berger

— Coffee House Concerts Prescott, AZ

"Ryan was entertaining, technically perfect, soulful, engaging, funny, powerful, versatile and completely memorable. The audience was new to house concerts, and started out a little shy, but by the end, Ryan had them all enthusiastic and they ALL wanted more. Ryan is a powerful and talented act. We're already talking about the next show." ” - Kirk Haselden

Ryan Biter was raised and currently resides in Flagstaff, AZ at 7000ft. 

His music echoes the expansive soul of The Southwest. The sound is equal parts rural Americana, spectacled college town hipster, mountain bluegrass, and new age funk beatbox drum circle.  It feels like your favorite pair of jeans; utterly unique, yet enjoyably familiar. 

Armed with expertly crafted songs, percussive guitar playing, and an affinity for beatboxing and loop pedals, Biter delivers a concert that is commanding yet intimate. Biter has a unique way of making a coffee shop feel like a concert hall and a club feel like an intimate house show. 

Ryan Biter can be found sharing his music with audiences all around the Country. 

Ryan Biter was the 2013 winner of Northern Arizona's Got Talent. 

His music has been featured on National and Internationally syndicated radio stations. 

Ryan has shared the stage with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and is a featured performer at the 2019 Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival. 


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